Services of Master Education

Our services


  • Education overseas
  • Assist in choosing the correct university
  • Assist in correct choice of course/degree
  • Providing relevant realistic & comprehensive information about financial expenses
  • Preparing files with full requirement of selected Universities
  • Contacting with Universities on behalf of students
  • Submitting applications
  • Confirming Admission letter
  • Processing files and assisting others support on the basis of students’ requirement
  • Visa assistance and full guidance
  • Flight booking
  • Job advising
  • Accommodation assistance overseas
  • Receiving service charge.

Other Services


  • Air ticket booking/purchase
  • Hotel booking
  • Tours & travels
  • Print Media Advertising
  • Organizing Workshops and Seminars
  • Electronic Media Advertising (Television/Radio/Internet)
  • Social marketing (Facebook, twitter etc)
  • Local Agents
  • Others.